It’s All In My Head | Shawnee Area Moms

18 Years Later

For some today is May 2. For me today is what I call “heartbeat day.” 18 years ago I was single, pregnant, in a toxic relationship, struggling with substance abuse, low self-esteem and worthiness. I was living in an apartment I was ashamed of because it was all I...

What I Learned from being home ALL. BY. MYSELF. for 3 days!!

Somehow the stars aligned and I was given the opportunity to be home this past weekend without anyone else. For this mom of 5 kids, it was a welcome chance.  The older two went with friends on spring break trips and Keith took the 3 youngest to Texas to visit family....

Life is 50/50

Last April I was in a rut. We were over a month into the pandemic and the kids never went back to school after “Spring Break.” I was suddenly responsible for my regular motherhood responsibilities AND also was helping facilitate online kindergarten. My older three...

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