What I Learned from being home ALL. BY. MYSELF. for 3 days!! | Shawnee Area Moms

Somehow the stars aligned and I was given the opportunity to be home this past weekend without anyone else. For this mom of 5 kids, it was a welcome chance.  The older two went with friends on spring break trips and Keith took the 3 youngest to Texas to visit family. I imagined all the things I would get done and how glorious it would be. All I HAD to do was go to work and then I could do whatever I wanted!! While I must admit that it was a nice change of pace, it also gave me a new perspective on this phase of my life and a new appreciation of it.

What I learned by being home ALL. BY. MYSELF. For 3 days!!

  1. It’s not me, it’s them. The house isn’t a mess because I’m a bad housekeeper. The house is a mess because there are 5 humans working against me. 
  2. I can take a nap in the afternoon on a Saturday and still wake up and feel guilty about it.
  3. I actually enjoy serving my family. It gives me a purpose that I truly love.
  4. Our brains want what we can’t have. When the kids are home, I want to get away from them. When they are gone, I want them to come home. 
  5. It turns out that I really love being a mom. I love the chaos and noise and mess that comes with having a family. 
  6. When Josh wants me to hold him at the end of a long day, it’s actually Josh holding me. 

I really think this is something every mom should experience at some point before the kids leave home.  I’ve been on a handful of trips away without the kids, but staying home without them here is a completely different experience. I’ve never been one to get too sentimental about the kids growing up and leaving home, but I have to admit that after the past 3 days, I have a whole new appreciation for the ruckus that they bring. I can’t wait for them to return and start making messes again. Okay, maybe not that part! But I am excited for them to come home!

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