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As we begin to look at managing our brains, it’s important to get an idea of the environment in your brain right NOW. Take this quiz I found on to help give you an idea of the type of thoughts your brain is currently offering you. There is no right or wrong answer. Your score simply helps you recognize what kind of thoughts you are generating and get a pulse on where you are today.  If you are anything like I was, you are completely unaware of the thoughts in your brain. Or you are aware of them, but you think they are facts. We’ll dive into this deeper next month, but for now, get your self-talk “pulse.”



  1. If a friend cancels lunch with me at the last minute, I assume that person is angry with me even if he or she never said so.


  1. If a friend cancels lunch with me at the last minute, I imagine he or she is sorry because I am confident that friends enjoy my company.


  1. I tend to be hard on myself. I might be self-critical or overly judgmental about my appearance, behaviors or feelings.


  1. I tend to cut myself slack in difficult situations, and I try to accept my shortcomings and view them as opportunities for growth rather than flaws.


  1. If a friend is angry with me about something, I might think of even more things he or she might be angry about.


  1. When I have a conflict with someone, I think calming thoughts and remind myself that I am a good person and that things will be OK no matter what happens.


  1. I know my weaknesses and think about them often.


  1. I know my weaknesses, but try to focus on my strengths.


  1. I have been known to overthink things to the point of upsetting myself unnecessarily.


  1. I tend not to overthink things because I feel comfortable and/or confident in my initial decisions.


  1. When I am challenged by adversity, I tend to feel hopeless and/or powerless.


  1. When I am challenged by adversity, I tend to feel strong and able to tackle the challenge.


  1. I don’t typically compliment myself, even privately or in my own mind.


  1. I am able to compliment myself and receive compliments. 


  1. When I feel angry, sad or afraid, I panic because it’s hard to help myself feel better.


  1. When I feel angry, sad or afraid, I am OK with it because I know the tools to manage those feelings.


  1. If people could play a tape of my mind, they would be surprised that my thoughts are as negative as they are.


  1. If people could play a tape of my mind, they would view me as a positive person.


  1. I am kinder to others than I am to myself.


  1. I am as kind or kinder to myself than I am to others.


1–10: Your mind tends to be filled with an excessive amount of negative self-talk, which can be emotionally burdening. Try to work toward being nicer to yourself and making your thoughts more positive. Perhaps try to take extra time out to look for the good in yourself and in situations. Make an extra effort to listen to your self-talk so that you can identify what is causing the moments of dread or fear and attempt to shift your perspective and see things from a more objective point of view.

10-20: In general, you have good skills when it comes to positive thinking. You tend to be great at encouraging yourself and speaking to yourself in an affirmative and healthy way. When you hear yourself becoming negative, stop yourself and see if you can look at the situation (or judgment) from a different, more positive perspective.

This quiz was found at www.livehappy.com 

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