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Moms are scrappy. We’re constantly creating and changing to find the best balance in every season as a parent. It starts with the challenge of sleep training and managing tantrums, and new issues emerge each year that require us to yet again try new things.

What got me through the early years? 

Organizing hacks – one of the biggest things that has kept me sane is finding ways to organize our home so it doesn’t take over.

Did I mention I’m a professional organizer?! So my brain always goes to the place where I’m looking for ways to create a system that will function well for my family. And TODAY, I want to share five of my favorite mom organizing hacks…so why not just call them my Morganizing Hacks. 😜

Hack #1: Cord Organization

Click Here for the step-by-step video or here for the product link

The remote control charging cords were making me crazy. Literally. I counted 13 remote control toys our 6-year-old son had collected and each of them with only 15 minutes of charge. 😳

And just when you think you’re done it’s time to re-charge again. And the cycle continues, and the cords pile up.

I finally found a solution that actually works to organize all these cords and keep them organized! We are months into trying this out and it’s working wonderfully for our little guy (and me).

Hack #2: LEGO Storage

LEGO organization

Click Here for my video on organizing LEGO by color or set or here for product links

Literally, just get LEGO pieces out from under your feet – and do it with a little style! Kids LEGO storage can be both functional and pretty. 🙌🏼

At our house, we do a lot of free building so we organize LEGO by color – but any way you do it is awesome as long as there’s a system.

AND…one of my favorite LEGO hacks is the go-back bin…it is literally any bin you have lying around you house (ours is hidden behind one of those bottom doors). Every time you see LEGO pieces on the floor, the couch, wherever…you throw them in the go-back bin. Then every so often, we go through as a family and put them in the correct bin with their LEGO friends. It saves you the stress of having to organize it right that moment.

Hack #3: Organizing Your Drop Zone

Click Here for the over-the-door organizer I used (commissioned link)

You may or may not have a beautiful cubby area for a drop zone. But USUALLY, you can find a door somewhere near (or on) your door to the garage. And if you can swing that, this is a great hack for you.

So many things all organized in one spot:
✔️Seasonal accessories
✔️Clean masks

Every single item the kids need before they head out the door…all neatly stored together! I promise this will save you time and gray hairs.

Hack #4: Master Closet Quick Fixes

Click Here for the clutch organizer I used

A total master closet makeover may not be in your budget, but I’ve got a couple tricks that most likely are! Here are a couple of my favorite ways to save money on master closet organization

✔️ Organize your clutches in this bamboo stand from IKEA for only $3! Who cares if it was made for a kitchen!

✔️ Got limp boots?! Bring ’em back upright with Dollar Store pool noodles – How-To Video

Hack #5: Drawer Dividers

Click Here to watch me install drawer dividers in our kitchen or check out my Drawer Divider Reel

Last but not least, the drawer divider. Incredible for dresser drawers. Stellar for kitchen drawers. Keeps your things in place and visible. It’s amazing how something so simple can so fully transform the functionality of a drawer!

✔️ For clothing, use the file folding technique with drawer dividers so you can see what you have – How-To Video

✔️ Remember that you can use drawer dividers either horizontally or vertically in a drawer

✔️ Make sure you measure the drawer depth or width you plan to use – dividers come in different lengths

Feeling inspired?!

Oh girl, but there’s more. Check out my website for tons of before + after organizing pics. And head over and follow me on Instagram + Facebook + Pinterest – every one of the hacks I shared today are on there and I LOVE to post content that makes your mom life easier.

Happy Organizing!


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